Natural History and Morphology – Engines of Inspiration

The Gans Collections and Charitable Fund, Inc. is proud to sponsor in full a workshop “Natural History and Morphology – Engines of Inspiration: A workshop dedicated to the style and substance of Dr. Carl Gans.” The workshop takes place during the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists 2017 annual meeting, to be held in Austin, Texas during the week of 12-16 July 2017.

Elements of the workshop include:

Presentations about Dr. Carl Gans by

  1. Marvalee Wake
  2. Henry Mushinsky
  3. Kraig Adler

An Introduction to the world of digital imagery by

  1. Adam Summers
  2. Ed Stanley
  3. Kara Yopak Shaw
  4. Stephanie Crofts

Axes of investigation by

  1. Understanding functional diversity – Hillary Maddin (Caecilians)
  2. Describing new species – Kevin Conway (Minnows)
  3. Developmental Biology – Paul Gignac (Gators)
  4. Exploring new functions – Brooke Flammang (Remoras)
  5. Broad surveys of narrow morphology – Rebecca Jasulevicz (Geckos)
  6. Reconstructing movement from CT and video Sarah Hoffman (Sharks)

The workshop will include hands-on experience by participants. It will be followed by a luncheon.

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