About The Fund

The Gans Collections and Charitable Fund, Inc consists of a Board of Trustees and a Scientific Advisory Board.


Dr. Ronald R. Gans – President

Eva Lynn Gans – Secretary, Treasurer

Steven Gans – Trustee

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Kraig Adler, Prof. – Cornell University – Head Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Aaron Bauer, Prof. – Villanova University

Dr. Herb Rosenberg, Prof. – University of Calgary, Canada

Dr. Linda Trueb, Prof. – University of Kansas

Dr. Shai Meiri, Prof. – Tel Aviv University

Dr. Adam P. Summers, Prof. – University of Washington

Liaison to Ben Gurion University

Dr. Amos Bouskila, Prof. – Ben Gurion University, Israel


Our logo is a photo of the nameplate carved by Ray Huey. It consists of balsa wood letters on Masonite board. Ray made it in the spring of 1968 or 1969 when he was getting an MA degree in Zoology at UT Austin.

ray_hueyRay and Carl had not met, but Ray had been fascinated by Carl’s egg-eating snake work. Those remarkable studies helped convince him to go into functional biology rather than medicine. When Ray learned that a fellow grad student, Billy Martin, was about to head up to Michigan to work with Carl on a frog project, he decided to carve the nameplate and asked Billy to deliver it to Carl. Carl then sent Ray a thank-you letter, which Ray remembers well.

“He thanked me and then said that this nameplate warned visitors of his ‘true ophidian nature.’”

A few years later Carl and Ray finally met, and become friends, colleagues, and co-editors of one volume of Biology of the Reptilia.