Book: Comparative Anatomy Atlas (free online)

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The Comparative Anatomy Atlas by Carl Gans and John F. Storr was originally published in 1962 by Academic Press. It contains a drawings for Squalus acanthias (dogfish), Necturus maculosus (mudpuppy), and Felis domesticus (cat).

The Table of Contents below link to all of the drawings from the original publication.

Table of Contents


Drawings for Squalus acantbias

  1. Lateral view
  2. Chondroctanium: dorsal, ventral and posterior views
  3. Branchial basket: ventral and exploded views
  4. Trunk and caudal vertebrae: cross and sagittal sections
  5. Gill; dorsal, pectoral and caudal fins
  6. Branchial region: ventral view (superficial)
  7. Branchial region: ventral view (deep)
  8. Branchial region: lateral view
  9. Axial musculature: cross section, trunk and tail
  10. Viscera: lateral view
  11. Abdominal arteries: lateral view
  12. Abdominal veins: lateral view
  13. Heart and afferent branchial circulation: frontal section
  14. Efferent branchial circulation: frontal section
  15. Urogenital system: male and female
  16. Brain: dorsal and ventral views
  17. Chondrocranium: cranial nerves and eye muscles
  18. Semicircular canals: dorsal, lateral and ventral views
  19. Head: sagittal section

Drawings for Necturus maculosus

  1. Lateral view
  2. Skull, mandible and anterior vertebrae
  3. Thoracic, sacral and caudal vertebrae: anterior and lateral views
  4. Shoulder girdle and hyoid: lateral view
  5. Shoulder and pelvic girdle: ventral view
  6. Anterior musculature: lateral view
  7. Anterior musculature: dorsal and ventral views
  8. Posterior musculature: lateral view
  9. Posterior musculature: ventral view
  10. Pharyngeal region: exploded view
  11. Viscera: ventral view
  12. Abdominal arteries: lateral view
  13. Abdominal veins: lateral view and detail
  14. Heart and afferent vessels: ventral view
  15. Heart and efferent vessels: ventral view
  16. Urogenital system
  17. Brain: dorsal and ventral views
  18. Head: sagittal section

Drawings for Felis domesticus

  1. Skull and cervical vertebrae: dorsal and ventral views
  2. Skull and mandible: lateral and sagittal views
  3. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae: lateral and anterior views
  4. Rib cage: lateral view
  5. Appendicular skeleton: lateral view
  6. Pectoral and throat muscles: ventral view (superficial)
  7. Pectoral and throat muscles: ventral view (deep)
  8. Muscles of shoulder and neck: lateral view
  9. Muscles of hind limb: lateral view (superficial)
  10. Muscles of hind limb: lateral view (deep)
  11. Muscles of hind limb: medial view
  12. Viscera: ventral view
  13. Abdominal arteries: ventral view
  14. Abdominal veins: ventral view
  15. Sheep heart: ventral view and frontal section
  16. Heart and thoracic blood vessels: ventral view
  17. Urogenital system, male: ventral view
  18. Urogenital system, female: ventral view
  19. Brain: dorsal, ventral and lateral views
  20. Head: sagittal section