Dr. Linda Trueb

Advisory Board Member
Advisory Board Member Linda Trueb

Advisory Board Member Linda Trueb

Linda Trueb is a student of amphibian morphology and systematics. During her career, she has specialized in anuran osteology, seeking to define evolutionary patterns in this diverse assemblage of more than 6000 species.

Trueb undertook undergraduate training at the University of California at Berkeley and received her PhD from the University of Kansas (KU) in 1968. Her career included mentorship of about 30 graduate students, active fieldwork on ampibians and reptiles with her spouse, William E. Duellman, throughout the Neotropics, numerous editorial positions (including the Journal of Morphology), and active participation in herpetological societies (President, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists) and activities (PI for the distributed database initiative HerNET sponsored by the National Science Foundation).

After an academic career of 40 years, she recently retired from the KU Department of Ecology and Systematics and Biodiversity Institute, where she now is a Professor/Senior Curator Emerita. Currently, she serves as the Associate Director for Administration and Research at the KU Biodiversity Institute.

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