Viewer Help

The Biology of the Reptilia Viewer provides access to every page of every volume in the entire 22 volume series. All volumes are currently available in the site.

The viewer uses Google Docs to present a PDF of each individual page. Google Docs allows you to view a page “in-line” within the website, view a page “full screen” in the Google Docs viewer, or download a copy of the individual page.

We would appreciate your feedback on the viewer. Please let us know if you encounter any issues using it or if there are features you would like to see added.

Navigation through the text is via the “Previous” and “Next” buttons. You may also type in a page number and click “Go” to jump to a specific page of the current volume. Note that pages with roman numerals are represented by negative numbers so that the bulk of the pages in each volume align with the correct page number.

Due to the extensive size of each volume, each page is viewed individually, so the document itself will always display “1 / 1” and navigation within the document pages are disabled. You may use Google’s zoom-in or zoom-out buttons as well as the “open in a new window” button, which will lead you to a download option.

Each page is rather large, so we recommend browsing with a high-speed Internet connection. We have primarily tested the viewer in the Chrome browser although Google does support multiple browsers.

Some pages are too large to be previewed. These include some of the title pages and other pages with illustrations. You are welcome to download these files using the provided link. Also note that several volumes includes “plates” (such as volume 3). The plates can be found at the very end of the volume, after the index.

If you make use of the online BotR, please leave a testimonial on our Comments Page.